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Sample the flavors of diverse cultures through our restaurant's fusion cuisine and experience an entirely new style dining you will not be able to forget.
Also Private Room, inside of the hall, can be used as a meeting room, which is good for various social gatherings of 10 to 15 people.
Business Hours
Breakfast AM 6:00 ~ AM 10:00
\ 24,200 (Tax will be added)

Lunch PM 12:00 ~ PM 15:00
\ 35,000 (Tax will be added)
*Excluding weekends and public holidays

- The above rates include tax.
Second Floor
Continental Breakfast / American Breakfast / Eggs and Omelets / Breads, Juices, and Fruits / Special Menu (Korean style)

GN Lunch
- Bacon and Eggs, Cream source spaghetti with Parmesan cheese
- Fresh clams and basil source with wine
- Korean style barbecue ribs with green tea source
- Lamb chop, potatoes, and onion curry cream source
- Steamed duck, fried onion, onion salad, and orange soybean paste source
- Other than, there are various menu
Reservations & Inquiries
TEL : 82-2-6474-2200/2201
FAX : 82-2-6474-2004
E-MAIL: bestparty@bestwesterngangnam.com